• Earned A Spot As A Trustee For A Nonprofit Organization? Use These Tips To Be Successful

    When you've achieved the role of trustee for a nonprofit organization, you might feel excited about the possibility that you'll be able to make positive changes for the organization. However, as a new trustee, it's vital to use the following tips to ensure you are an effective board member. Be Aware of Ethics Rules You may feel you have nothing to hide and that you are conducting yourself in a professional manner, but it is critical that you are aware of particular ethics rules and codes in place for board members.
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  • Crafting A Message That Will Resonate With Voters

    At the heart of a successful political campaign is a message that resonates with the voters. Some voters may only have time to learn about key pieces of your campaign, so you will need a powerful message that you can articulate clearly and concisely. There are a few important guidelines you want to consider when crafting your message. Understanding Where You Stand On The Issues Your campaign message is your rationale for running and your stance on key issues.
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