Crafting A Message That Will Resonate With Voters

Posted on: 18 February 2016

At the heart of a successful political campaign is a message that resonates with the voters. Some voters may only have time to learn about key pieces of your campaign, so you will need a powerful message that you can articulate clearly and concisely. There are a few important guidelines you want to consider when crafting your message.

Understanding Where You Stand On The Issues

Your campaign message is your rationale for running and your stance on key issues. Have an honest discussion with those working on your campaign about the issues to determine what your positions are and consider whether there are any positions you hold that would be unpopular with your constituents and may need to be compromised on. For example, if you are pro-life with regards to abortion, but your constituents will be primarily pro-choice, avoid making this a key part of your campaign. 

Creating A Contrast Between You And Your Opponents

The voters need a reason to choose you over the other candidates. Brainstorm with your staff members to list characteristics that distinguish you from your opponent. Then, identify the differences that would be perceived as strengths by most of your voters. For example, if you have a previous military experience, this may appeal to conservative voters, especially if your opponent lacks such experience. 

Differentiating yourself from your opponent does not necessarily require that you engage in negative campaigning or create an attack ad. For instance, if your opponent believes that it is a bad idea to run a deficit while in a recession, but you believe that running a deficit is necessary to provide crucial services, state these points in campaign ads and during debates rather than trying to ridicule your opponent.

Finding The Right Staff Members To Create Your Message

Your staff will play a major role in determining the type of campaign you would like to run. If you want to use a tried-and-true strategy, you may want to hire staffers who are experienced with running political campaigns. However, if you want to run an original campaign, it is also important to look for a few volunteers who have been involved in other industries, especially creative industries such as graphic design. The greatest way to hire creative thinkers is with the promise that they will receive a full-time position if you win. This will lead to added motivation to do whatever possible to maximize your chances of winning. The right staff, combined with the right message, will be more likely to resonate with voters and will increase your odds of winning.

To learn more, contact a political campaign consulting firm.